Uber Uber Everywhere!

Well today it’s Lyft day with its hourly guarantee! It’s a little like chasing carrots but adds a bit of interest to a day! I’ve done one like this with Uber and I must say that I definitely enjoy Uber’s guaranteed hours much better because they actually make it achievable! Hm, now that’s looking after your folks! But Lyft has its upsides too! It’s all about personal preference and personality… you get out of either one what you put into it but Uber makes it hella fun by throwing in little getting-to-know you opportunities for me and my perspective riders, and updating me on all of the events going on in-town! Mostly I love setting my own hours, this is not my only nor my main income source but in retirement it’s a dependable extra income!

Great suggestions on how to celebrate your Pride in 2017!

Ahhhh it’s the last day of May, and iconically this means the official first of Pride month for me.  I love staying 1 step ahead!  So, in keeping… I have put together today’s blog post to give you some great ideas on how you can makes this the most fashionable, eccentric, fun, memorable, iconic event of 2017!!

Target…. this month Home Depot isn’t the fave amongst lesbians.  For all of us celebrating Pride month, the Target chain of department stores is the go-to place.  They’ve been our champion now for the last year or so that I know of.  So let’s suppport those that support us.  At Target you will find a good size section that is obviously gay!  Rainbows explode on the scene and gay Pride is openly celebrated at an affordable (though not always cheap) price.  From suspenders, to clothing like tees, tanks, tube socks, shorts, etc., belts, temporary tattoos, etc.

Rainbow 🌈 braids… unicorn hair, rainbow ribbons, swim suits (sequins) and hot pants… think Rave!  How about a rainbow Dr. Suess hat? 🤔


Okay so it’s been a little while

and the waxing and new moons have came and gone.  So what did you miss?  Well the waxing moon is always inviting, it echoes blessings you want to manifest for your good.  It’s great for attracting love, money, career opportunities and talents, skills.  The waning moon can be good for this too but remember it works in the opposite direction, it can help bring about open, and honest communication by removing barriers such as anxiety, fear or not seeing the truth clearly enough to let this positive energy flow through you.  If you want to just focus on the openness and honesty then the waxing moon alone is wonderful and one can just be open to the blessings it brings.

The new moon is a lot like the waxing and full moons but the energy is not so focused.  It’s like a good time for reflection, planning or just resting and reaping all of the good benefits from that.  After all of the work from the other moon phases has been done, now one can take a step back to see if the work done resulted in what one wanted.  What message is the universe communicating in this and how can it help you grow so that your next journey will be as blessed or more than the present or previous.  The new moon is also a good time to give thanks for all that is on ones heart.

What intentions have you set?  Remember the golden rule, “Do what ye will an harm none”.  Also well known as “Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you!”  Because if ye do not, Karma will come calling you!  That’s the law of the universe; of nature divine!!

Full frontal

Yes, it’s that full moon 🌕… she’s at it again!  But with her comes good times, good food and good lovin’.  She embodies all of those positive feel goods in our lives.  This is a wonderful time to start a garden or to redecorate or inspire yourself or others.

Bring good vibes towards you!  You might even do some internal work, not to rid but to invoke or bring into yourself those positive qualities you are seeking.  This is a good time to pray for world peace or just peace within your home, family or relationship.  Tomorrow you can begin banishing all of those negativities that muck up your ‘world’, so today just concentrating on loving and attracting love ❤️ in its various forms.

Do not be afraid of the word ‘spell’ nor the terms “casting spells” or “drawing down”.  All these are are activated prayers.  That’s it!  We all do it, even Christians!!  A spell is worked using the elements, such as fire itself or the light through a candle.  Air being outside, looking up at the stars and earth being barefoot and laying on the ground contemplating how good God (the universe) is to you.  It’s setting intentions.  It’s meditating whether you are lying down, sitting up or kneeling on your knees in prayer position.  It’s doing good to others, mainly yourself!!  Casting spells is just energizing that prayer… casting it out into the universe.  Amen!  So let it be!  Blessed be!  All the same!!  Drawing down is often heard in reference to drawing down the moon 🌙.  That is, drawing down her wisdom and power to activate it in you prayer/spell.  Draw down the moon when you want to bring something positive to you, like tonight’s full moon or a new moon, dark moon and the waxing moon coming up real soon.  During a waning, new or dark moon you may want to draw down the moon to help you relax away stress and worries.  To help you in casting a housecleaning spell to get your butt motivated to get rid of stuff instead of holding onto things you don’t need, and yeah this is good for relationships too!

Are you afraid of words like covens and solitary and all of the sects of stuff scary movies have taught/conditioned you into thinking are bad or evil?  Let me lay those fears to rest, during this full moon 🌕.  Hmm let me give your fears a place to relax so you can relax and be comfortable in knowing that none of the aforementioned bears any truth in negative media.  You have no more reason to be fearful of a coven than you do a church because that is all a coven is!  It’s no different.  Church christians see themselves as lowly or below Gods creation in need of constant approval because we are inherently bad and don’t deserve good things.  Coven whether Christian or not believe that we are at the least almost equal at the least or the same as God at the most.  You’ve heard me say before that God cannot separate Himself from that which He created.  And yes, you’ve heard me say that there most definitely IS a feminine element to this omnipotent presence that is our universe.  There are 4 though I say 3 beings:  She is included with He = God.  They loved everything they created and became what they created.  So just like there are muslims, christians, Catholics, etc who all believe in the same God… bring in natural religions who believe in the same God as well.  Those covens who believe they are equal to God are saying the same thing… that God would not create something He loved less than Himself.

So in speaking of the moon phases, spells and such… don’t think that it’s something sinister going on.  But just like you have cults that are set out to give false news about God, and to destroy in the Christian world 🌎 the same works in natural religions as well.  There is both white light and dark light.  Follow me and what I’m telling you and you will have a clear path to that white light that is good and harms no one.  Cults are examples of dark light in the Christian world.  Satanic worship is the dark light in natural religions.  Cults and Satanic worship are on the same plane as they work against the purposes our universe has set for us.  Just like the universe has set out keys for you to notice them apart from the white light of good, some do choose to ignore them.  The same choice exists on natural religions as it does in Christianity.  Jesus is a Demi-God who was still subjected to temptation but activated His prayers with obedience, sheer will and showing us that we have the same powerful force resonating within us!  When he took the fig from the fig tree and told it to grow no more and it wilted right that instant.  He told his disciples that with just a little faith they can do it too (they can make things magickally happen) just by willing it to because there is universe, there is God in our very being.  The universe gave us free will that it will not impinge upon but will ourselves be our own lesson and Karma be our teacher.

So play in the full moon today, tonight and be happy and cheerful!  Grow your plants, enroll in a college course, cook a great meal or BBQ and invite friends over, start a new healthy living lifestyle today, think of The Who you want to become and set your intention, and plot your course today!!!

Universal Law

Universal Law is called karma!  We are all subjected to it whether we believe in it or not, just like we are all elements in the harmony & rhythm of our universe whether we believe in that or not!

Karmic Law requires, demands and does not discriminate!  Everyone is equal… God has no respect of persons meaning He does not regard one over the other.  Karmic Law is the universe’s way of keeping us safe, disciplining us and loving us.

The Law of 3.  This states that whatever energy you put forth toward any person, animal, being that has free will including plants and rocks, and water, etc. is returned to you 3 times good or 3 times bad.  It’s really up to you, as you have free will too!  If you decide to put forth bad energy whether consciously or unconsciously, then expect to get it back 3 times the energy you used in activating it.

You may have known someone who seems to be a terrible person to people and always looks blessed, like the universe is smiling on them no matter what they do but the moment you do something a little wrong and all hell seems to break loose on you.  Like you can’t get away with anything!  Well the other person in this example isn’t getting away with anything either, it’s just your perception that they are.

If the person is a money miser or steals and always seems to find love or have beautiful hair.  Well those are two totally different things.  In Karmic law, the money miser may be someone learning to not waste their financial blessings or the thief could be someone who gets the same things stolen from them.  But these same people may be donating their hair to charitable causes for cancer survivors so the universe blesses them in kind. This leads me to my next point!

Putting forth good energy ensures that the universe will in-turn return that energy to you 3 times over.  So someone who volunteers their time to help others may find themselves at a readily stable availability of resources all the time or that they are easily acquired, sometimes magically it may seem.  Someone who showers their spouse with love will be loved in return… maybe not by the spouse because then that may be infringing upon their free will which goes back to that negative energy I spoke about.  But love ‘around’ you.

In the same way you give, you get!  In the same way you give, the universe gives to you!

Can you barter or reason with the universe if you know you did something wrong.  People think you can ‘pray away’ misfortune they deserve to receive from something negative they’ve done to someone or something.  No!  Let me tell you now… you cannot cast a spell, pray away, ignore away or apologize away anything you have done.  Karma is a Bitch!  Ever heard of that?  This is the reason why, she doesn’t care!  She has no feelings, no compassion and no empathy for you… only for the one that was wronged!  Karma is a Bitch was probably coined by someone who found out the hard way!  You cannot pray away your sins… if you do something wrong, it’s nice to apologize and it may even clear your conscience but it will not stop Karma from exacting her revenge.  It Is Going To Happen!!  Think about Psalm 23… in this prose, David asks God to set a table before him in the presence of his enemies, and for his cup to be so blessed that it runs over… his blessings are so bountiful that himself (his cup) cannot contain them.  His enemies, though sorry once seeing the karmic wrath upon them were set to receive back three-fold what they did to David. As their Karmic lessons were being enacted upon them, he is allowed to see this unfold and receive such a blessing that he cannot contain the joy he feels in them knowing what they put him through.  His feet never touched their dirty surface and he was elevated above them, out of harms way in regards to that lesson at that time.  When we expect to see karma exact revenge upon someone for a wrong done to us then we should look to that area in their lives that are related to that wrong.  If someone did a financial wrong to you, look in the area of that persons finances to see karma act in your favor.

Will our sympathetic nature towards others wrong towards us change any impending Karmic lessons.  Not for the wrongdoer, nope!  But for you… the one who was wronged you may be so blessed when needing sympathy from others.

What of when someone doesn’t think what they do is wrong!  It doesn’t matter what they think because Karma knows.  Look in the area of your life that it seems like you just can’t get ahead in.  You take one step forward for every two steps back… this is where Karma is telling you to pay attention to.  Where you need some inner work done.  Sometimes you meet people who seem to be ‘stuck’ together in the same misfortunes and never getting ahead in their lives, they can’t separate from each other because some strong invisible force keeps them miserably connected.  That’s Karma!  Until they learn the lessons she is trying to teach them they will remain that way.  Once they do the ties will break and they will be loosed from the negative effects of ‘bad karma’.

Revenge is not ours to take… yep you guessed it, negative karma!  In the Bible God says, vengeance is mine says the Lord.  Yes, you have no influence on who gets Karmic vengeance, it’s going to happen regardless of what you feel or think and karma doesn’t care about your tears.  And it’s a cycle.. someone who wronged you will be wronged by someone or something else which in-turn will be wrong…. yada yada yada!  So if you exact revenge then you now have negative karma coming after you!

Karma has no legal system, she Is her own!

Beginning to Read Tarot/Playing Cards: Charging

Firstly, in referring to the universe I am exercising both God & Goddess spirituality. The universe is both masculine and feminine. No major, and no minor! God Almighty creator of the universe IS the universe for He cannot separate Himself from that which He created! So when speaking of the universe which all of my dialogue pertains to; I am referring to Him, Her and Them! Him – God, Her – God/Goddess, Them – The Son/Holy Spirit-Essence!


Beginning to Read: Charging Your Tarot/Playing Cards

In charging tarot cards or a playing deck, ensure that they are thoroughly cleansed first. Everyone and everything has its own vibrations that leave impression on what they come in contact with. Unless you constructed the cards yourself, there is really no way of being absolutely certain of what type of energy is on them. You can do this during the moon phases which is my favorite by the way! The full moon is ideal but it can be done from full to new or just during a waning moon. If performed during a waning moon then your intention would be to rid of unwanted, negative energies in and around the cards, yourself and in your surroundings also. Might as well cleanse everything during this time, and to ensure all of the energies around you are good in your favor. Coming into the waxing moon your intention would be to bring forward or towards you good energies and intentions. Clarity, understanding, guidance, bring forth prosperity, good energies around friendships & relationships, career, family, money etc. comfort and peace in your home, your children or even yourself!

The new moon works like the full moon but in my opinion the full is most efficient.

You will know a waxing moon 🌙 by its light… the illuminated side of the moon is on your right.

A waning moon, the illuminated side is on your left.

Remember: Full, New, Waxing moons bring desirable things towards you. Waning moon push undesirables away from you.

How about a dark moon? A dark moon is a little of both negative and positive. It’s best for ‘seeing’ into a situation for clarity and for grounding, and introspection and being ‘still’. You can charge your cards to rid of negative energy or to bring forward positive energy. The veil between our conscious spiritual and unconscious in the universe is very thin at this time. Connecting to the other side whether intentional or not is heightened during this time. It’s kind of like All Hallows Eve except in regards to the moon. Some might say that the dark moon is a minor moon phase. It’s not, but it doesn’t carry the heavy connotations that the other moon phases do. Still; its effectiveness, relevance and purpose is there if you want to harness it. It’s not active energy, calling you to invoke anything. It’s simple, still and not quiet at all!

Universe… and it’s Laws, and Wisdom

The universe… our unifying existence that nobody can negate!  Just like our blood, we all share the same red blood color and we all spring forth from the same source.  Like our blood… keeping up with this analogy a little while longer here; there are different types though it never changes or alters it’s truth.  We all bleed… but our type of blood is different though it’s all still the same.  The universe, how we view our source may be different but it is the same whether we believe so or not.  We were created from love, living our lives half right to love we shall return and love is where we live even now!  Some believe that our universe is ultimately feminine and some believe it is both and yet some believe it is only masculine but none of that negates that we are of and from the universe.  Not that we share the universe but we are… the rocks, air, trees are often thought of as elements that we share this space with.  But they are the universe as we are.  No, we cannot create a human out of sheer will and void but our universal source that created us is us!  Let me explain this further, look at the Bible, the book of Genesis speaks of God creating the universe out of a void, nothingness!  He breathed life into everything, exercised His intentions and love everything about what He had made.  His footprint 👣 were impressions of his love.  He made man likened onto His image.  He did not separate His creation from His divinity.   Now let’s advance a little more and explore the book of Exodus shall we.  Why do you think He said, “I am the Lord Your God!”  “I Am that I Am!”  The universe just is… it exists we are living proof!  It doesn’t have a name… we call it universe so that we may be able to collectively understand it as if we are seeing it from the same angle, otherwise; it’s just too heavy for us to wrap our minds around which is why He said I am that I Am.  Though I made you my universe and you are mine, you were not omnipotent enough to create yourselves, therefore; I Am the lord your god.  We are all Gods & Goddesses though minor ones… just like our creation.. out offspring are our children but not our parents.  They depend upon us for food and guidance and the universe supplies us and them.  But growing & learning never ceases, not for the child nor parent so we will never be God Almighty.  I wouldn’t even want to be… there’s a lot of heavy responsibility both mundane and supernatural associated that we have no knowledge of at all!