Firstly, in referring to the universe I am exercising both God & Goddess spirituality. The universe is both masculine and feminine. No major, and no minor! God Almighty creator of the universe IS the universe for He cannot separate Himself from that which He created! So when speaking of the universe which all of my dialogue pertains to; I am referring to Him, Her and Them! Him – God, Her – God/Goddess, Them – The Son/Holy Spirit-Essence!


Beginning to Read: Charging Your Tarot/Playing Cards

In charging tarot cards or a playing deck, ensure that they are thoroughly cleansed first. Everyone and everything has its own vibrations that leave impression on what they come in contact with. Unless you constructed the cards yourself, there is really no way of being absolutely certain of what type of energy is on them. You can do this during the moon phases which is my favorite by the way! The full moon is ideal but it can be done from full to new or just during a waning moon. If performed during a waning moon then your intention would be to rid of unwanted, negative energies in and around the cards, yourself and in your surroundings also. Might as well cleanse everything during this time, and to ensure all of the energies around you are good in your favor. Coming into the waxing moon your intention would be to bring forward or towards you good energies and intentions. Clarity, understanding, guidance, bring forth prosperity, good energies around friendships & relationships, career, family, money etc. comfort and peace in your home, your children or even yourself!

The new moon works like the full moon but in my opinion the full is most efficient.

You will know a waxing moon 🌙 by its light… the illuminated side of the moon is on your right.

A waning moon, the illuminated side is on your left.

Remember: Full, New, Waxing moons bring desirable things towards you. Waning moon push undesirables away from you.

How about a dark moon? A dark moon is a little of both negative and positive. It’s best for ‘seeing’ into a situation for clarity and for grounding, and introspection and being ‘still’. You can charge your cards to rid of negative energy or to bring forward positive energy. The veil between our conscious spiritual and unconscious in the universe is very thin at this time. Connecting to the other side whether intentional or not is heightened during this time. It’s kind of like All Hallows Eve except in regards to the moon. Some might say that the dark moon is a minor moon phase. It’s not, but it doesn’t carry the heavy connotations that the other moon phases do. Still; its effectiveness, relevance and purpose is there if you want to harness it. It’s not active energy, calling you to invoke anything. It’s simple, still and not quiet at all!

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