Universal Law is called karma!  We are all subjected to it whether we believe in it or not, just like we are all elements in the harmony & rhythm of our universe whether we believe in that or not!

Karmic Law requires, demands and does not discriminate!  Everyone is equal… God has no respect of persons meaning He does not regard one over the other.  Karmic Law is the universe’s way of keeping us safe, disciplining us and loving us.

The Law of 3.  This states that whatever energy you put forth toward any person, animal, being that has free will including plants and rocks, and water, etc. is returned to you 3 times good or 3 times bad.  It’s really up to you, as you have free will too!  If you decide to put forth bad energy whether consciously or unconsciously, then expect to get it back 3 times the energy you used in activating it.

You may have known someone who seems to be a terrible person to people and always looks blessed, like the universe is smiling on them no matter what they do but the moment you do something a little wrong and all hell seems to break loose on you.  Like you can’t get away with anything!  Well the other person in this example isn’t getting away with anything either, it’s just your perception that they are.

If the person is a money miser or steals and always seems to find love or have beautiful hair.  Well those are two totally different things.  In Karmic law, the money miser may be someone learning to not waste their financial blessings or the thief could be someone who gets the same things stolen from them.  But these same people may be donating their hair to charitable causes for cancer survivors so the universe blesses them in kind. This leads me to my next point!

Putting forth good energy ensures that the universe will in-turn return that energy to you 3 times over.  So someone who volunteers their time to help others may find themselves at a readily stable availability of resources all the time or that they are easily acquired, sometimes magically it may seem.  Someone who showers their spouse with love will be loved in return… maybe not by the spouse because then that may be infringing upon their free will which goes back to that negative energy I spoke about.  But love ‘around’ you.

In the same way you give, you get!  In the same way you give, the universe gives to you!

Can you barter or reason with the universe if you know you did something wrong.  People think you can ‘pray away’ misfortune they deserve to receive from something negative they’ve done to someone or something.  No!  Let me tell you now… you cannot cast a spell, pray away, ignore away or apologize away anything you have done.  Karma is a Bitch!  Ever heard of that?  This is the reason why, she doesn’t care!  She has no feelings, no compassion and no empathy for you… only for the one that was wronged!  Karma is a Bitch was probably coined by someone who found out the hard way!  You cannot pray away your sins… if you do something wrong, it’s nice to apologize and it may even clear your conscience but it will not stop Karma from exacting her revenge.  It Is Going To Happen!!  Think about Psalm 23… in this prose, David asks God to set a table before him in the presence of his enemies, and for his cup to be so blessed that it runs over… his blessings are so bountiful that himself (his cup) cannot contain them.  His enemies, though sorry once seeing the karmic wrath upon them were set to receive back three-fold what they did to David. As their Karmic lessons were being enacted upon them, he is allowed to see this unfold and receive such a blessing that he cannot contain the joy he feels in them knowing what they put him through.  His feet never touched their dirty surface and he was elevated above them, out of harms way in regards to that lesson at that time.  When we expect to see karma exact revenge upon someone for a wrong done to us then we should look to that area in their lives that are related to that wrong.  If someone did a financial wrong to you, look in the area of that persons finances to see karma act in your favor.

Will our sympathetic nature towards others wrong towards us change any impending Karmic lessons.  Not for the wrongdoer, nope!  But for you… the one who was wronged you may be so blessed when needing sympathy from others.

What of when someone doesn’t think what they do is wrong!  It doesn’t matter what they think because Karma knows.  Look in the area of your life that it seems like you just can’t get ahead in.  You take one step forward for every two steps back… this is where Karma is telling you to pay attention to.  Where you need some inner work done.  Sometimes you meet people who seem to be ‘stuck’ together in the same misfortunes and never getting ahead in their lives, they can’t separate from each other because some strong invisible force keeps them miserably connected.  That’s Karma!  Until they learn the lessons she is trying to teach them they will remain that way.  Once they do the ties will break and they will be loosed from the negative effects of ‘bad karma’.

Revenge is not ours to take… yep you guessed it, negative karma!  In the Bible God says, vengeance is mine says the Lord.  Yes, you have no influence on who gets Karmic vengeance, it’s going to happen regardless of what you feel or think and karma doesn’t care about your tears.  And it’s a cycle.. someone who wronged you will be wronged by someone or something else which in-turn will be wrong…. yada yada yada!  So if you exact revenge then you now have negative karma coming after you!

Karma has no legal system, she Is her own!

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