The universe… our unifying existence that nobody can negate!  Just like our blood, we all share the same red blood color and we all spring forth from the same source.  Like our blood… keeping up with this analogy a little while longer here; there are different types though it never changes or alters it’s truth.  We all bleed… but our type of blood is different though it’s all still the same.  The universe, how we view our source may be different but it is the same whether we believe so or not.  We were created from love, living our lives half right to love we shall return and love is where we live even now!  Some believe that our universe is ultimately feminine and some believe it is both and yet some believe it is only masculine but none of that negates that we are of and from the universe.  Not that we share the universe but we are… the rocks, air, trees are often thought of as elements that we share this space with.  But they are the universe as we are.  No, we cannot create a human out of sheer will and void but our universal source that created us is us!  Let me explain this further, look at the Bible, the book of Genesis speaks of God creating the universe out of a void, nothingness!  He breathed life into everything, exercised His intentions and love everything about what He had made.  His footprint 👣 were impressions of his love.  He made man likened onto His image.  He did not separate His creation from His divinity.   Now let’s advance a little more and explore the book of Exodus shall we.  Why do you think He said, “I am the Lord Your God!”  “I Am that I Am!”  The universe just is… it exists we are living proof!  It doesn’t have a name… we call it universe so that we may be able to collectively understand it as if we are seeing it from the same angle, otherwise; it’s just too heavy for us to wrap our minds around which is why He said I am that I Am.  Though I made you my universe and you are mine, you were not omnipotent enough to create yourselves, therefore; I Am the lord your god.  We are all Gods & Goddesses though minor ones… just like our creation.. out offspring are our children but not our parents.  They depend upon us for food and guidance and the universe supplies us and them.  But growing & learning never ceases, not for the child nor parent so we will never be God Almighty.  I wouldn’t even want to be… there’s a lot of heavy responsibility both mundane and supernatural associated that we have no knowledge of at all!


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