Yes, it’s that full moon ūüĆē… she’s at it again! ¬†But with her comes good times, good food and good lovin’. ¬†She embodies all of those positive feel goods in our lives. ¬†This is a wonderful time to start a garden or to redecorate or inspire yourself or others.

Bring good vibes towards you! ¬†You might even do some internal work, not to rid but to invoke or bring into yourself those positive qualities you are seeking. ¬†This is a good time to pray for world peace or just peace within your home, family or relationship. ¬†Tomorrow you can begin banishing all of those negativities that muck up your ‘world’, so today just concentrating on loving and attracting love ‚̧ԳŹ in its various forms.

Do not be afraid of the word ‘spell’ nor the terms “casting spells” or “drawing down”. ¬†All these are are activated prayers. ¬†That’s it! ¬†We all do it, even Christians!! ¬†A spell is worked using the elements, such as fire itself or the light through a candle. ¬†Air being outside, looking up at the stars and earth being barefoot and laying on the ground contemplating how good God (the universe) is to you. ¬†It’s setting intentions. ¬†It’s meditating whether you are lying down, sitting up or kneeling on your knees in prayer position. ¬†It’s doing good to others, mainly yourself!! ¬†Casting spells is just energizing that prayer… casting it out into the universe. ¬†Amen! ¬†So let it be! ¬†Blessed be! ¬†All the same!! ¬†Drawing down is often heard in reference to drawing down the moon ūüĆô. ¬†That is, drawing down her wisdom and power to activate it in you prayer/spell. ¬†Draw down the moon when you want to bring something positive to you, like tonight’s full moon or a new moon, dark moon and the waxing moon coming up real soon. ¬†During a waning, new or dark moon you may want to draw down the moon to help you relax away stress and worries. ¬†To help you in casting a housecleaning spell to get your butt motivated to get rid of stuff instead of holding onto things you don’t need, and yeah this is good for relationships too!

Are you afraid of words like covens and solitary and all of the sects of stuff scary movies have taught/conditioned you into thinking are bad or evil? ¬†Let me lay those fears to rest, during this full moon ūüĆē. ¬†Hmm let me give your fears a place to relax so you can relax and be comfortable in knowing that none of the aforementioned bears any truth in negative media. ¬†You have no more reason to be fearful of a coven than you do a church because that is all a coven is! ¬†It’s no different. ¬†Church christians see themselves as lowly or below Gods creation in need of constant approval because we are inherently bad and don’t deserve good things. ¬†Coven whether Christian or not believe that we are at the least almost equal at the least or the same as God at the most. ¬†You’ve heard me say before that God cannot separate Himself from that which He created. ¬†And yes, you’ve heard me say that there most definitely IS a feminine element to this omnipotent presence that is our universe. ¬†There are 4 though I say 3 beings: ¬†She is included with He = God. ¬†They loved everything they created and became what they created. ¬†So just like there are muslims, christians, Catholics, etc who all believe in the same God… bring in natural religions who believe in the same God as well. ¬†Those covens who believe they are equal to God are saying the same thing… that God would not create something He loved less than Himself.

So in speaking of the moon phases, spells and such… don’t think that it’s something sinister going on. ¬†But just like you have cults that are set out to give false news about God, and to destroy in the Christian world ūüĆé the same works in natural religions as well. ¬†There is both white light and dark light. ¬†Follow me and what I’m telling you and you will have a clear path to that white light that is good and harms no one. ¬†Cults are examples of dark light in the Christian world. ¬†Satanic worship is the dark light in natural religions. ¬†Cults and Satanic worship are on the same plane as they work against the purposes our universe has set for us. ¬†Just like the universe has set out keys for you to notice them apart from the white light of good, some do choose to ignore them. ¬†The same choice exists on natural religions as it does in Christianity. ¬†Jesus is a Demi-God who was still subjected to temptation but activated His prayers with obedience, sheer will and showing us that we have the same powerful force resonating within us! ¬†When he took the fig from the fig tree and told it to grow no more and it wilted right that instant. ¬†He told his disciples that with just a little faith they can do it too (they can make things magickally happen) just by willing it to because there is universe, there is God in our very being. ¬†The universe gave us free will that it will not impinge upon but will ourselves be our own lesson and Karma be our teacher.

So play in the full moon today, tonight and be happy and cheerful!  Grow your plants, enroll in a college course, cook a great meal or BBQ and invite friends over, start a new healthy living lifestyle today, think of The Who you want to become and set your intention, and plot your course today!!!

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