and the waxing and new moons have came and gone.  So what did you miss?  Well the waxing moon is always inviting, it echoes blessings you want to manifest for your good.  It’s great for attracting love, money, career opportunities and talents, skills.  The waning moon can be good for this too but remember it works in the opposite direction, it can help bring about open, and honest communication by removing barriers such as anxiety, fear or not seeing the truth clearly enough to let this positive energy flow through you.  If you want to just focus on the openness and honesty then the waxing moon alone is wonderful and one can just be open to the blessings it brings.

The new moon is a lot like the waxing and full moons but the energy is not so focused.  It’s like a good time for reflection, planning or just resting and reaping all of the good benefits from that.  After all of the work from the other moon phases has been done, now one can take a step back to see if the work done resulted in what one wanted.  What message is the universe communicating in this and how can it help you grow so that your next journey will be as blessed or more than the present or previous.  The new moon is also a good time to give thanks for all that is on ones heart.

What intentions have you set?  Remember the golden rule, “Do what ye will an harm none”.  Also well known as “Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you!”  Because if ye do not, Karma will come calling you!  That’s the law of the universe; of nature divine!!

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