Ahhhh it’s the last day of May, and iconically this means the official first of Pride month for me.  I love staying 1 step ahead!  So, in keeping… I have put together today’s blog post to give you some great ideas on how you can makes this the most fashionable, eccentric, fun, memorable, iconic event of 2017!!

Target…. this month Home Depot isn’t the fave amongst lesbians.  For all of us celebrating Pride month, the Target chain of department stores is the go-to place.  They’ve been our champion now for the last year or so that I know of.  So let’s suppport those that support us.  At Target you will find a good size section that is obviously gay!  Rainbows explode on the scene and gay Pride is openly celebrated at an affordable (though not always cheap) price.  From suspenders, to clothing like tees, tanks, tube socks, shorts, etc., belts, temporary tattoos, etc.

Rainbow 🌈 braids… unicorn hair, rainbow ribbons, swim suits (sequins) and hot pants… think Rave!  How about a rainbow Dr. Suess hat? 🤔


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